Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Beginning New Methodology 2012

In the beginning of February, Anele Ngoko joined our group. He is the new teacher of Ukonwaba Photo Club.

Anele brought the new idea of methodology, namely, to allow the kids shoot freely without any theory class before. So the discussion will be, firstly, about the motivations made the kids have frozen certain image. Then and together it will be taught the elements of composition.

That methodology has the advantage to discover the own natural talents of the kids, their own interests and photographic eyes. Then the classes will be based on the photos taken by the kids, encouraging them explore their own themes and photographic languages.

It is a new methodology we are going to experience to keep the kids motivate to photo classes and, mainly, to stimulate the kids to believe in their own ability to create, thus building confidence.

Anele, the new teacher

Anele talking about the motivations of the image
and discussing the composition of Anathi's photo

Anathi, 12 years old

Taken by Anathi

Xolisa, 15 years old

Wow! The camera was not set yet... The right date is 2012...
Mistakes happen even with the best photographers (laughs)

New teens 2012

Back to Langa after a year

After a year, I came back to Langa to visit the lovely kids and the staffs of Project Playground, my friends. It was an intense and special emotion have seen them again.

The creation of Ukowaba Photo Club in November 2010 was really an unique moment. Project Playground was in the beginning of its activities. I had the great pleasure of take part in it. Everybody very excited and engaged, passionately and professionally, in making the project a sucess on behalf of the children. So beautiful have seen it... It makes me feel hope again. The generosity of human beings is alive!

Back now I relived a little of that magic moment of the foundation of Project Playground. Now even more happy to see the growth of the project. New activities as mountain bike class. The creation of Play on Wheels for kids with physical disabilities. The food being served to children before going home. And the best of all:

It is amazing to see these kids so happy... so feeling they are loved... they belong to the world. The world is theirs!

Michelle Glória

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Photo shoot in New flats

In the past few weeks we had a few students joining our photography classes and then we had to teach them a little bit of theory before we can go out to take pictures. For this photo shoot we chose an area in Langa called New flats. I was really happy with what we came back with, and here are a few picture from the photoshoot.

Siyavuya Mangwatha 12 : A portrait.

Luyolo Lengisi 13 : A bath tub.

Mxolisi Cima 14 : Bukenya's Conner House.

Luyolo Lengisi 13 : Washing above New Flats street. 

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Exhibition in Museum of Photography in Stockholm

Left photo taken by Michelle Glória.
Right photo taken by the kids.

Taken by the kids.

On the 27th August we held an exhibition at the Museum of Photography in Stockholm, displaying “Langa: Life Through My Eyes”, a six week project made by the photography class at Project Playground.

SALSS, Swedish American Life Science Summit, is an annual conference held in Stockholm where, during three days, doctors, corporate representatives and scientists meet to discuss new innovative ways to develop products related to social and economic development in the world.

During the final day of the summit, the organizer, Barbro Enbohm, had invited us to give a presentation of Project Playground in combination with the exhibition. To us, this was an amazing opportunity, not only to share our visions and work, but also because we got the chance to present it to individuals who we really admire and respect, among these, Dr. Hans Rosling.

The day was unforgettable, and the kids’ photos were a success.

Futher information on the blog of Project Playground:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kids Learn by Playing

I just want to thank the Project Playground staff and Gloria for the support they have been giving us, not forgetting my friend Jorge Quintao who has been an inspiration to us for the great work he is doing in Brasil.

In the past few months, we have had some drop - outs and inconsistance from the group and I was a little bit dissapointed and saddened by the fact that we were losing kids back to the streets. Other day I shared it with a friend who told me about the story of Jorge's group in Brasil (to see Jorge's project, click on "Olhar Coletivo", on "other projects" at right and below on this blog). Now, I am raring to go and make this a success.

Our aim is to allow kids to play and experiment while they are learning, by doing we will be taking them away from the streets. In the process, we will contribute to reduce the crime rate in our community and empowering our youth with skills. So they can be able to stand on their own in future and to have a dignity life.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

A Word From Langa

I would like to thank everyone for following and visiting our blog.

Your opinion are more than welcome. It is always a huge encouragement to know there is someone supporting you!

In this week, we took photos inside of the houses in Langa. For us, our home tells a lot about us. Our life. Our culture. Our history.

We went door-to-door. The Langa residents were really welcoming and very happy with what we are doing in our neighborhood. An old lady said that we could be the one to shed the light into the the reality of Langa. She also encouraged us saying that our job can contribute to development of the community. We are very glad to hear this words.

Let's get going!